Film Fight 2018: October

October’s Film Fight has six films to choose from…

Operation Finale

The Land of Steady Habits

Bad Times at the El Royale


Private Life

First Man

The October Winner

Some very strong choices this month, but October’s winner is First Man. Damien Chazelle and Ryan Gosling bring a beautifully understated and very personal take on the moon landings to life.

Film Fight 2018: September

Seems like I almost forgot to post September’s Film Fight. Well, it’s here now with five films.


American Animals

The Predator

A Simple Favour

Hold The Dark

The September Winner

The winner for September is Hold The Dark. Jeremy Saulnier continues to be one of the most interesting directors currently work.

Film Fight 2018: August

August was a relatively quiet month, with nothing particularly outstanding. Onwards anyway…

Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind

Ant-Man Man And The Wasp

Like Father

The Package

The Equalizer 2

The August Winner

There are plenty of okay films this month, but nothing excellent. For the winner, I’ll go for Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind; as a decent look at the problems that seemingly happy people might hide.

Film Fight 2018: July

A huge month, from Hollywood blockbusters and sequels, to some Netflix Originals. Ten films in total…

Sicario 2: Soldado



How It Ends

Hotel Artemis

The First Purge

The Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter

Mission Impossible: Fallout



The July Winner

There were a lot of films this month that were worth seeing, but not many that were really good. I think the winner this month is Calibre, a low-budget, psychological horror that ends up being pretty damn good.

Film Fight 2018: June

A super-quiet month with only three films viewed.

Life of the Party


Super Troopers 2

The July Winner

Easily and deservedly the winner, Cargo manages to largely deliver on its premise and surprise in interesting ways. Very worth seeing.