Film Fight 2018: August

August was a relatively quiet month, with nothing particularly outstanding. Onwards anyway…

Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind

Ant-Man Man And The Wasp

Like Father

The Package

The Equalizer 2

The August Winner

There are plenty of okay films this month, but nothing excellent. For the winner, I’ll go for Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind; as a decent look at the problems that seemingly happy people might hide.

Film Fight 2018: July

A huge month, from Hollywood blockbusters and sequels, to some Netflix Originals. Ten films in total…

Sicario 2: Soldado



How It Ends

Hotel Artemis

The First Purge

The Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter

Mission Impossible: Fallout



The July Winner

There were a lot of films this month that were worth seeing, but not many that were really good. I think the winner this month is Calibre, a low-budget, psychological horror that ends up being pretty damn good.

Film Fight 2018: June

A super-quiet month with only three films viewed.

Life of the Party


Super Troopers 2

The June Winner

Easily and deservedly the winner, Cargo manages to largely deliver on its premise and surprise in interesting ways. Very worth seeing.

Film Fight 2018: May

The quietest month in a while, with only 6 films in the fight for May.


Avengers: Infinity War



Deadpool 2

Solo: A Star Wars Story

The May Winner

Honestly, there are plenty of decent movies this month. I didn’t dislike any of them… but I don’t love any of them either. The strongest film, I think, is Kodachrome: a solid cast, doing something a little bit smaller scale than most of the others, in a way that the writing and acting gets to shine through.

Film Fight 2018: April

Another fairly busy month, with 10 films in the fight.

Proud Mary

A Quiet Place

Do You Trust This Computer?

Ghost Stories

6 Balloons

Roxanne Roxanne

Isle of Dogs


Sun Dogs

Come Sunday

The April Winner

Despite some strong choices this month, the winnner was easy for me: A Quiet Place is so well-executed on every front that nothing else was going to do it.