Film Fight 2020: June

A slightly quieter month than last, but still 8 new films!

The Orphanage

The Wrong Missy

Da 5 Bloods

The Banker

Krabi, 2562

The Last Days of American Crime

Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga

The Ghost Who Walks

The June Winner

Lots of decidedly mediocre films, a couple of decent ones, but the winner is worth seeing: The Orphanage takes it.

Film Fight 2020: May

Turns out staying in and making healthy allowances to release dates (due to ongoing circumstances) really ups the numbers on Film Fight, with 12 films in for May.

The Decline

All Day And A Night

The Plagues of Breslau



Sea Fever


Selah And The Spades

The Lovebirds


Earth and Blood


The May Winner

At least 3 or 4 films worth seeing, but I think the winner is Uncorked for being more than solid at every level.

Film Fight 2020: April

Despite cinemas being shut for the whole of April, I found a pretty good seam of new releases (giving myself a little more leeway with the film fight rules here). There are 12 films in the April Film Fight.

The Platform

The Occupant


Lost Girls

The Jesus Rolls

System Crasher

Code 8

Coffee And Kareem



Rising High


The April Winner

Given the sheer number of films, pretty much the entire gamut of good to excellent are here so picking a winner is tough. That said, it has to be System Crasher: a powerful, difficult look at trauma in children and the effects.

Film Fight 2020: March

A little late to post (I forgot!) and light on cinema viewings (global pandemic!), but the March Film Fight still has 5 films.

The Invisible Man

Spenser Confidential

The Hunt

The Last Thing He Wanted


The March Winner

The winner is The Invisible Man for a genuinely tense and enjoyable update on a classic, that has something to say, and is well-executed.

Film Fight 2020: February

A relatively quiet month, due to being busy with a few other things, so only four films in the fight.

The Rhythm Section

Uncut Gems


Horse Girl

The February Winner

The winner for February is Uncut Gems. Tense, anxiety-producing, with an ending that’s as effective as it is inevitable.