December 27, 2017 | Category: Films

Film Fight 2017: June

After a busy few months, June is thankfully pretty quiet, with just three films.

First up, Wonder Woman is the first good DC film in the new extended universe. Patty Jenkins packs in some excellent set pieces and decent character moments, against the backdrop of a huge superhero movie. Gal Gadot is fantastic too, wiping away some of the memories of the more campy Wonder Woman of days gone by. Sadly, it’s marred a little by a fairly poor turn in the last act, but that’s not too bad overall. Good on the whole. (See my Wonder Woman Twitter review)

Another Netflix indie crime film? Okay, then, Shimmer Lake is for you. Told in reverse (you see one day, then the previous), the structure helps make what might have been a fairly ordinary robbery a little more interesting, as the reasons for tensions at the start are revealed towards the end. It’s let down by a little too much exposition. Decent enough. (See my Shimmer Lake Twitter review)

Finally, Baby Driver lets Edgar Wright showcase his visual flair in a different way. Following the story of a getaway driver in over his head, what we get is some beautiful visual choreography. The titular character, Baby, and the camera are engaged in movements similar to old Hollywood musicals, whether in a car or not. This gives the film a more understated and playful feel than Wright’s previous work. Fun, and beautifully crafted, if a little weak story-wise in the last act. (See my Baby Driver Twitter review)

The winner for June is Baby Driver for the beautiful visuals.