January 25, 2003 | Category:


If you’ve been here before (for any of the sites 2-3 week existence), you’ll have noticed a bit of a change. To be honest it was necessary. The last design took all of 2 hours to mark-up and design; hence it looked a bit shit.

This time I’ve spent a bit more time coming up with a design (probably about an hour – no major mark-up changes to bog me down) and had an idea of what I wanted the site to look like.

The idea was to go for a very minimalist look: clean solid blocks of colour, made slightly uneven by various techniques. Only 1 main colour was used, on top of the black and white (with a few other colours used in minor places), to really pull the visual design together.

Now, those of you using standards compliant browsers will see a little bit more than those using non-standards compliant browsers. It’s nothing essential (that would be bad for accessibility) but it does enhance the site. For an example, mouse-over the page heading “Solitude”. There are a few other minor touches like that scattered around – and more will be added when they enhance the site. Oh wait, you can’t see anything unusual? Get a better browser.

While I was at it, I thought I’d make my site Bobby 508 and AAA accessible, which nicely compliments the existing XHTML, CSS and RSS compliance. Showing off ends here.