February 01, 2003 | Category:

Lack Of Updates

I haven’t been updating as much this week as I should be or have wanted to. It’s hard to discuss, comment or otherwise mention anything worthwhile when you’ve been having a pretty heavy week in the brain department.

First, the past week has been exam week at university. 3 maths exams, mostly difficult, at least partially my own fault. On the plus side, the three subjects I was sitting (Linear Algebra, Linear Modelling, and Graphs And Networks) are now over with. On the downside, I have another 3 courses starting on Monday – and that’s just maths.

Another major factor in the lack of updates is my CMS. I’ve been messing around – offline – with the way it stores and retrieves files. It’s got a few minor problems just now, but should be worked out soon (hopefully tonight). This might sound like a minor thing, but if I get it working the way I want it too it’ll fix the only major problem (scalability), allow posts to be found in different ways (by date, month, year among others) and generally just give me a few more toys to play with.

On a side note, I’m curious: what do people really want to see in a CMS? I’ve developed this one almost entirely for myself, but what little features or major functions would you like to see? Send feedback to my email address.

The other thing that has been eating away at my time is Takeshi’s Castle. Currently, it is showing on Challenge TV in the UK. Mad japanese people throw themselves through round after round of sheer torture. Highly amusing, for those who like to see people inflict pain on themselves via stupidity. The only question is: will anyone ever win? If so, what will they get?