February 12, 2003 | Category:

Site Changes

I’ve been making a few minor changes to the layout of this site. Nothing earth-shattering but, I feel, worth mentioning to the masses.

Firstly, one of the little tricks that I had originally set-up for standards-compliant browsers (almost everything except Internet Explorer) is now working in all major modern browsers (including IE). Namely, the BlogTree, xml and ScotsBlogs buttons above have now got roll-over effects that work everywhere.

Secondly, an alternative style is available for those people whose browsers have a style-switcher (Mozilla, Phoenix etc). To others who don’t have a browser capable of it, come back on Friday. It will be the only style on that day and that day only (figure out what “special” occassion Friday marks and you can probably guess what the new style is like). Don’t miss it!

Finally, some major back-end work is nearly done.

You may return to something interesting again.