February 14, 2003 | Category:

One Day Change

So, if you’re looking at my site on the day this was posted, you’ll notice a slightly different style from usual. Why? Because it’s Valentine’s Day!

The important things about this (one-day) change is the time it took to implement. If you’ve got a site covered in tables, style throughout the mark-up and/or poorly conceived class names, an overhaul can realistically take a few days. I did this change in under 5 minutes.

How? If you look at my mark-up (View->Page Source, or the equivalent in your browser), you won’t see a single reference to colours or important images. All you will see is the basic information that makes up the page. That’s a good thing!

It means I only have to go into my stylesheets and change a few numbers to get a brand new design. Expect something more extreme for Easter.