February 23, 2003 | Category:


Some of you might have noticed that certain parts of the site (namely, the archives) have been inaccessible for the last few days, and others haven’t been updated (namely, the whole thing). Why, you ask? I’ve been talking about updating the back-end of the site a lot recently. On Friday I finally got the changes finished on the offline version of the site. One merge later with the online version and disaster. Here’s what went wrong:

  1. My devbox (being Windows based) has no real understanding of file permissions. My online box (which runs on Linux) does. By scripting for the former, I failed to anticipate the “File Permission Denied” messages that my online site (rightly) gave me,
  2. The archives. I completely forget to change the code for them, so it choked the minute the update went live. Doh,
  3. The RSS feed died, inexplicably. It should be working again (I’ll know when this update goes online).

I had planned to fix all of this over the weekend, but a cold virus had other ideas. Until I get time to really thing about the problems facing the updated back-end, I thought it would be best to just switch to a back-up I made minutes before I made the change. (ALWAYS back-up before a big change, stuff like this is bound to happen).