March 26, 2003 | Category:

Static Archives

A week ago, I was searching for something on Google and came across a link to this very site in my search results. It was linked to a page in my archives about PHP. So, I did the natural thing of clicking on it.

Because of the way the archives worked, the page no longer had any entries regarding PHP. Every time a new entry was added, each entry was pushed back by 1 entry on the archive. After 5 entries were added, it had been pushed off that archive page altogether.

This worried me. A URI should point to the same information all the time. So I began work on a new archive system today. It’s now done and available for all to see (the Archives are here for those who don’t know).

This time pages are archived by date, rather than some arbitary position that doesn’t matter. So, it’s now far more static and indexable.