March 28, 2003 | Category:


I found a link to nntprss the other day and have to say how great an idea it is. It allows you to read RSS feeds in any newsgroup reading software that you might have.

Now, not a lot of people use newsgroups anymore (compared to when it was the killer app of the net), but I do. So being able to read news from all the sites I visit in a simple straight-forward manner in a familiar interface (in my case, Outlook express) is very useful. I recommend this to anyone who uses newsgroups and reads any site with an RSS feed.

I just need to set it up as a windows service, rather than having to use the command prompt everytime I start-up, and it’ll be perfect.

Update: I’ve created a very fast and nasty way or working around the problem of executing nntprss at start-up. Just use the following code as a batch file:batch-file code.

UPDATE: The word “start” has been added to the code to make the command prompt created by the batch file disappear on completion. Thanks to WildShaft!