April 01, 2003 | Category:


A few changes around the back-end of the site:

  • G-ZIP Enabled – If you have a relatively modern browser, then the site will now download up to twice as fast as before, thanks to the magic of PHP‘s built-in g-zip output buffering function. I’ve known about it for a while, but have been reluctant to activate it because part of Finetto uses it’s own output buffer. I thought they might be incompatible. I was wrong, both work fine.
  • Pinging weblogs.com – I’ve started pinging weblogs.com and incorporated the functions into Finetto. Every time I updated, weblogs.com can tell others about it within 5 minutes (roughly how often it takes them to change their log file).
  • There was something else, but I forgot so this point is useless. Ignore it.