April 06, 2003 | Category:

Cradle 2 The Grave

The thing about Cradle 2 the Grave that is most gauling is not that it has a number in place of a letter in an effort to be “street”. Or that it has the worst tagline of the year (“Born 2 the Life. True 2 the code. Bad 2 the bone”). Or that the direction is, at best, piss poor. Or even that the plot is flimsier than OJ Simpson’s defence (everyone is allowed one OJ joke per year) and gets progressively worse as time goes on.

No, the worst point is that, after lots of expectation, the final fight between Jet Li and Mark Dacascos is so boring. You have two of the best living martial artist actors fighting each other and still you get they audience yawning. Something is very wrong with that.