April 09, 2003 | Category:

International German Day

Put on your lederhosen and get ready for some sauerkraut: it’s International German Day! Have a look at some sites related to the wonderful country over there:

  • German Toilets: German engineering is better than everywhere else, they say. We say, do something about the loo,
  • Funny Phrases: heading to Germany and need to confuse and amuse the locals? Why not spit out a funny German phrase or two? Say number 4 and you’ll have to fight the mädchen off,
  • German jokes: Ok, so German jokes aren’t that funny but, um, well, yeah,
  • And, of course, Hitler: Now, without trying to offend anyone, apparently Hitler was pretty cool, (if you ignore that Holocaust thing).

Now go forth and tell everyone you meet to enjoy International German Day. If they don’t, we have ways of making them.