April 24, 2003 | Category:

Quick Ramble

Apparently, I’ve been using acronyms and abbreviations incorrectly, according to Accessify’s guide to using acronyms and abbreviations. Before now, I’ve been using acronyms for everything (thinking abbreviations were for thinks like abbr.

Met up with an old friend for lunch today. He’s been away training for the army. Apparently, they’re quite sadistic about punishing people: “Everyone, 20 push-ups! Lipowski’s got his hand on his hip!”. Fun.

I haven’t really been sleeping well for the last 3 weeks. It’s really starting to get to me. Everything is getting harder to remember, details are harder to retain, more difficult to keep thought strands separate, damn near impossible to write anything decent here, emotions are more easily set off. Basically, the works. So if I’m asshole to you or anyone else, I apologise in advance.

And I’ll end with a joke: What’s big, grey and can’t climb trees?
A car park.