April 25, 2003 | Category:

Cleaning Out The Links (Part 3)

Honestly, this’ll be the last “links only” post, I’ll make for a while. I want to get rid of the rest of these before they get too stale (some of them already had to be thrown out because they were getting a bit whiffy).

  • WTheRemix Winners – The winning entries have been announced in the competition to re-design the W3C Homepage. This is badly needed, since the current page isn’t exactly a shining example of what standards can do,
  • Web Buttons – Buttons for possibly every conceivable occassion. When I get time, I might contribute a kitchen sink button for completeness,
  • Confirmation Bias – This idea occured to me not too long ago: people believe whatever they want to believe, regardless of evidence. The smarter they are, the better they are at defending their own position rather than using their intelligence to be more open-minded. The article does a much more thorough job of explaining it,
  • Better URI links – Just what it says on the tin: links to articles about using better URIs. I’ve also been meaning to start using proper URIs for permalinks on this site, but can’t seem to bring myself to implement it. It’s near the top of my to-do list for the site,
  • Irate Scotsman and Bug’s Blog – While playing around with GeoURL, I decided to see who lived within 10 miles of me. I was surprised to find these two: they both go to my university and are in my course. Finding someone I knew (or rather knew of) offline while online was a little disconcerting. I later tried to find more people from my course, but gave up after a grand total of 0 finds. Oh well.

Like I said, that’s it for link-only posts for at least, oh, another week.