April 30, 2003 | Category:

No New Updates

I’ve not really posted much in the last day or two, and won’t for another day or two. This week is class test week: a whole lot of testing and not a whole lot of time for studying.

Other than working hard, I’ve started to prepare the next major overhaul of Finetto, the CMS I’ve been developing (and that runs this site). There’s a lot of stuff going in that I’ve wanted to do for ages (Comments, an event-based model for dealing with changes etc) and some new ideas (those can remain private until they’re implemented).

I’m surprised at the amount of redundancy I’m going to be able to remove: there’s lots of similar code in there just waiting to be made more generic, lots of tweaking waiting to be done.

Anyway, there will be a return to normal service on Thursday, if all goes well.