May 07, 2003 | Category:

X-Men 2

Note: this contains minor plot spoilers.

After many mixed reviews from friends, I thought I’d better see X-Men 2 for myself. So I did. Today.

Although it wasn’t as bad as the first film (which had a wafer-thin plot, badly written script, wooden acting etc), it was hardly ground-breaking or fantastic. More mutants from the comics were paraded around (for future usage), plot lines for future films were wedged into it in unsubtle ways (anyone who has seen either the cartoon series or read the comics will know what happened to Jean Grey), dialogue was poor, and Halle Berry gave another wooden performance (how does she get work?).

The good points? Nightcrawlers attack on the White House at the start was a stunningly executed sequence. Thinking about it, it went downhill after that and never recovered. A shame.

All in all, a passable film.