June 05, 2003 | Category:

The Final Animatrix

Yesterday, I bought The Animatrix on DVD (for the very good price of £12). So, finishing off where I started with my Animatrix Preview, here are short snippets on the remaining parts:

  • Kid’s Story – Tied in loosely to Reloaded, this is how Kid (the boy who bugs Neo in Zion) escapes The Matrix. It’s got a very visually pleasing style: a dynamic liquid form of anime. Good, and slightly revealing.
  • Beyond – A haunted house story set in the matrix. Blends traditional japanese anime onto subtle 3D backdrops, with slightly westernised characters. Not the best of the bunch, but certainly not the worst.
  • World Record – A story about a sprinter who, through sheer determination, starts to push his way back into the real world. I can’t describe how the characters look very well: they’re bizarre, without being too deformed or quirky. Interesting statement on the human spirit.
  • Matriculated – A group of rebels set out to teach a machine why the way is wrong, and to convince it to join their side. Standard anime in the real world, but an abstract Tron-like view in the construct (albeit more colourful).

I recommend the bundle to anyone, even just for Program (the best part).