June 16, 2003 | Category:

The Things You Learn

Things that I found out in roughly the space of a day:

  1. Bourbon creams (king among biscuits) are better the cheaper they are. A 29p packet outclasses all challengers.
  2. “That is not a weed – it’s a carrot”, despite looking very weedy.
  3. A friend (admittedly not an extremely close one, but a friend nonetheless) might end up homeless within a week because of another friends procastination.
  4. Silent Scope Fortune Hunter might as well be a bank machine. It’s so easy to take money out in small bursts. Repeat enough times and you have a considerable wad of cash.
  5. If someone says “Yes, we’ll change those account details for you before you get paid”, they really mean “This request will be binned. You’ll have to try again next month”.
  6. Madeleine Stowe looks somewhat like Cate Blanchett as a blonde in Twelve Monkeys, apparently.

The rest has been removed to protect the innocent.