June 22, 2003 | Category:

List Of Stuff To Do

I’ve spent a little bit of tonight thinking about all of the stuff that I need to do to bring my CMS to a reasonable level. I’ve spent the past while doing lots of minor updates to avoid thinking about the big parts. I’ve created a list of all the things that need done (in no particular order).

Most of this will be of absolutely no interest to anyone, but if I have this in public and update it frequently, I’ll probably work on it more often. So, without further ado, here it is:

  • Comments
  • Trackback
  • Pingback
  • New data structure (FinData)
  • Alpha indexing
  • Categories (pointers)
  • Search
  • Caching archives
  • New permalinks (/Archives/Title)
  • Genericised RSS module
  • Resolve relative links
  • Modularising archive code
  • Event handlers
  • Disentangle Add/edit components from ContentManager
  • Add API support (primarily bloggerAPI)
  • Change archive code to use a single DateString variable (rather than day/month.year)
  • Let every page (or listings thereof) be available as RSS or other formats
  • Data URI permalinks
  • Add an email form
  • Auto Convert URLS to links
  • Update meta-links
  • User Management (add users, user levels)
  • Move no. of items per page to config
  • Redo content manager
  • Get edit and delete listings to actually work beyond first page
  • Get acronymit definitions done externally

Like I said, of very little interest or sense to anyone but me, but motivational nonetheless. Go about your business.