July 17, 2003 | Category:

T In The Park 2003

A full write-up of my weekend at T In The Park would be huge in length and largely tedious. So I’m going to do this in the shortest style possible:

The Good:

  • The weather – Sunny and bright throughout the weekend,
  • Some of the bands – including Hell Is For Heroes, Idlewild, Biffy Clyro, The Mars Volta, The Darkness (entertaining, if musically poor), and Funeral For A Friend,
  • The blood red moon on the closing night – worrying, yet cool,
  • The good people at Lipton Ice Tea – giving a way a shedload of free ice cold liquid on a boiling hot day marks them as true heroes among men,
  • The copy of “Chandelier” I managed to buy after looking for it for a year or two.

The Bad:

  • The weather – Far too warm for most of the day, the queues for water got to be over half an hour long,
  • Some of the bands – including REM, Turbonegro, The Flaming Lips (sorry, but the lead singer was just boring), The Streets, and The Polyphonic Spree.
  • The finale by Caledon – embarassing and poorly done,
  • The price of food – this was always going to be high, but it was ridiculous.

There’s bound to be more that I’ve missed, so I might update this entry as I remember.