July 21, 2003 | Category:

Pointless Post

I apologise to everyone for this post: it is, as the title says, pointless. It’s for me to get a few things down now as a time marker. Feel free to read no further.

Today, I came closer than I’ve come before to getting fired. I didn’t do anything majorly wrong, just a few different small things working against me; mostly out of my control. Although, perhaps it was just unjustified worrying.

Either I’m spending more time online (summer holidays, after all) or people are updating far less (perhaps both), because I go through my rather substantial list of sites to visit every day now; it used to take a fortnight at least, with various sites being visited with varying frequency.

I’ve finally loaded my archive into Feedster. I don’t think it has been indexed yet though, since I can’t seem to find anything after using lines of text directly from old entries. Oh well.

Thunderbird is officially a great mail client. It is now my default.

I’m in the middle of redesigning my site and keep hitting walls. I’ve tried art deco style blocks of colour, shades of minty green, and a few other things. They all seem like great ideas in my head, but don’t pan out. Very frustrating.