August 21, 2003 | Category:

Spam, Zombies, And Neural Nets

It’s Thursday. It’s 2pm, and it’s time for more random links:

  • Fight The Spammers – Over at the Feedster blog, there is a dicussion about fighting Spammers at the bandwidth level. Not a bad idea, but costly at the allied end.
  • Neural Nets in PHP – Someone has created a neural net class in PHP. Astounding stuff, I can’t wait to see what people do with this.
  • Gender Determination – An algorithm that determines whether someone is male or female by a sample of their writing. It worked on every test I tried, bar one. Of course, that one person was myself. Yes, I write like a girl.
  • Zombie SimulatorFIXED LINK. Easily the coolest link of the day. A java applet that simulates zombies overrunning a city. Lots of emergent behaviour is apparent, and lots of switches to play with. I will be playing with the code for this very soon.

Some big news coming soon… But probably not for another day or two.