August 29, 2003 | Category:

Just Confidence

The thing about most polished twisting films is that the twists have become far too cliched. Confidence, starring Ed Burns and Rachel Weisz, is one such film.

The plot isn’t important here, it’s more the predictability that should be focused on. If you’ve seen a few films like this, you’ll know what to expect. Con artist gets himself into a jam, gets himself out of jam (almost), things seem to go horribly wrong, it was all part of the real plan that’s been hinted at all along. Yawn! By now, we all know that “throwaway” dialogue in these films is usually an indication that something important is going on. Same with various framing techniques. If you ever see an actor giving an over the shoulder look, think carefully about what’s going on.

So, maybe doing some media studies ruined this film for me, maybe it just wasn’t a great film. Either way, I’m sick of seeing predictable twists. Get some real imagination, Hollywood; surprise us all.