September 08, 2003 | Category:

New Designs, Incessant Change.

Yes, I’ve finally finished my site redesign. It went through a fair few different designs before settling on this one: from a forest theme, to big blocks of primary colours, to very dark designs.

This particular design was done last night (and this morning), built largely on top of one of the unused designs. While I’m reasonably happy with it and tested it thoroughly, it’s still in a state of flux. Anything can change (especially since I found some interesting colour combinations that I didn’t have time to experiment with fully), bugs might creep in here or there, but it’s essentially done for now.

To be honest, I just wanted to get it out of the way so I can get some other work done. Having too many projects on the go at once is a bad thing, absolutely none of them get done.

Update: I’ve also started using an xml-stylsheet processing instruction for browsers that can handle it.