September 17, 2003 | Category:

On Language

It’s always great when I can shape a random links post into some sort of tenacious collection. This time it’s language:

  • Scrambling Words – If you scramble letters in a word (leaving the first and last letter the same), you can still read sentences full of garbled text. An odd bit of pattern matching on behalf of the brain. Via Aquarionics.
  • The Shizzolator – Shizzles up any site. Not particularly effective on this site. However, a few random bits get through, making it funny enough.
  • Tim Bray has cracked – He’s suggesting that we use “read” and “readd” to tighten up the English language a bit. Reminds me of Mark Twain’s improvements.

Like I said, tenacious… That’s all for today.