September 27, 2003 | Category:

Radiohead, Thumbnails, And Sex

Time for another round of random links (if I get time, I’m going to create some basic link sidebar scripts – then I won’t wait a few days until I have several new entries before posting):

  • Radiohead Rorscach – What would happen if you played Radiohead’s choice moments to a bunch of school kids and asked them to draw? Some very frightening and funny things.
  • 50 Unsexiest Things – While I can’t agree with all of them, most are pretty on the money.
  • Abbr Vs Acronym again – One markup debate that I’m still not settled on. I currently use acronym for everything. This might (read: probably will) change. But life is far too short to obsess over this.
  • KHTML2PNG – Create thumbnails of websites. Fantastic! Just wish I was still using Linux as my default OS (until I get a new modem, it’s not going to happen).
  • Firebird editCSS – Modify loaded stylesheets in browser. Great idea, can’t seem to get it to work in my (admittedly old) Phoenix install.

And I’m spent…