October 11, 2003 | Category:

Cheezwiz, Filters And Shades

A slightly extended random link post this week, it’s just been building up over the last few days:

  • Cheezwiz, the game – The game where you secretly swap the meaning of two words for some laughs. Read the examples for a better explanation,
  • Mid Pass Filter – A way to target CSS directly at the broken box model of IE 5. Very handy for developers,
  • Shades Of Gray – Aaron Swartz discusses what should be done when you know someone is lying, taking in the always fun Dave Winer and George Bush,
  • Absurd Church claims – Yes, the Catholic Church are claiming that condoms don’t stop AIDs, despite various health authorities saying they’re wrong. Do the Church fight back with reason and evidence? Course not. “They are wrong about that… this is an easily recognisable fact.” Big hand waving, we like it,
  • mod accessibility – An Apache model to help out with various accessibility issues. Nice,
  • Pricelessware – Windows freeware repository (Via Mark Pilgrim),
  • strtotime – Not quite the function I hoped for, but still a very useful one. PHP discovery of the week,
  • Galaxy far, far away – Matt is pointing to a rather amazing rendition of the Star Wars theme. You have to hear it, people should not be able to reproduce music that well.

And that’s your lot for the day.