October 15, 2003 | Category:

Lament Of Late

It occured to me earlier that I haven’t done any work for this site in a good few weeks; easily the longest I haven’t added, updated or upgraded the technical side of things in recent history. Time is, as Matt Bellamy recently said, running out.

Biggest killers of time then? Going back to university. The workload is phenomenal, and they keep piling it on. Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic is also taking up a fair bit of what was previously coding time. I’m not a Star Wars fanboy (although I like the films as much as the next male), but this game is fantastic. So much depth, so many choices that actually matter, so many side quests. Hopefully, that won’t last much longer.

So, in the few minutes before I go to see House Of 1000 Corpses (expect a review within the next day or two), I decided that I should improve the links to comments on these entries. So, if you click the comments link on an entry you will now be taking to the comments section, rather than the beginning of the entry.

10 seconds of coding well spent.