October 23, 2003 | Category:

Segway, Language Wars And A List Apart

More random links:

  • CSS Tips – A bunch of useful CSS tips and tricks, including some stuff I’d never seen before,
  • Beating Copy Protection – How do you beat new fangled copy protection? Hold down shift,
  • Podlob – Experiments in flash and DHTML. Fun to look at and play with,
  • This Is The Title Of This Story – Bizarre self-referential story. Worth reading just for the confusion,
  • Nokia Gameboy – Turn your Nokia phone into a gameboy. Emulation taken too far just far enough,
  • Monopoly Probabilities – Various probabilities in Monopoly. The square you’re most likely to land on? Jail, of course,
  • Rendering The Segway Obsolete – Funny and true, this will make the Segway a thing of the past,
  • ESP Game – Making humans index the images of the web under the subterfuge of scoring points. Genius.
  • Every Language War – This is exactly what every language war ever has boiled down to,
  • Sliding Doors – The relaunch of A List Apart comes with this fantastic article on CSS tabs,
  • XPath Tutorial – Thanks to this tutorial, I finally get XPath. I’ve been playing with it for the past few days. Very nice,
  • Define: solitude – How could I not try this? Google has a new tool.

And that’s that for today.