November 01, 2003 | Category:

Sliding Doors, Keyboards And Quirks

This week’s random links:

  • Sliding Doors 2 – Not content with doing the finest CSS tabs tutorial to date, a week later we get more. Does Doug Bowman sleep?,
  • Keyboard Advance – Use your GameBoy Advance as a basic word processor. Clever, but only for those who want to do all that swapping melarkey,
  • Unfinished Jokes – Louis Theroux (genius among men) has perfected a new comic form (” In Roman/biblical times, a chariot is being driven quickly, despite wet weather. Something about Antioch braking.”),
  • eBay Pet Auction – A little depressing, but very funny (via Anil),
  • QuirkMode – Work around browser bugs with this comprehensive guide,
  • Analyis Of CD copy protection – Exactly what it claims to be,
  • Local Feeds: Glasgow – A news feed for blogs and sites near Glasgow (other cities worldwide available, but this is the one I appear on dammit),

And we’re done.