November 06, 2003 | Category:

Matrix Revolutions (Spoiler Free)

After failing to secure myself a seat for yesterdays opening screenings, I was forced to see the final part of the Matrix series today: The Matrix Revolutions.

With the lacklustre second installment still fresh in my mind, it was with slight trepidation that I went to see this part. I was surprised to find it was significantly better than part 2. Without wanting to spoil any of it, all the action that was missing from Reloaded had clearly been shunted into the series’ finale.

Good parts:

  • Lawrence Fishburne has thankfully decided to start acting properly again, after the ham that was produced last time,
  • Great action sequences,
  • Some (minor) surprises,
  • The sections in Zion.

Bad parts:

  • A particular part near the end (saying any more would amount to a spoiler),
  • The new characters being largely pointless, and many old characters being superflous,
  • The ending – it was lacking, but probably how it had to be,
  • The bits that weren’t explained or that just happened.

All in all, a good film. Not up to the first, but good nonetheless.