November 11, 2003 | Category:

REST, Multiple Explorers and Toys

The rather belated end of week random links post. We’ll just call this a fortnightly special (with nothing special added) and leave it at that:

  • PHP and REST – A good read for those planning on setting up the Atom API,
  • Ze’s page – An interesting mix of random stuff. The games and toys are good; particularly “Simple Game”,
  • Multiple IE instances – How to run multiple versions of IE. Very handy for web design,
  • On Search: Internationalisation – Another part of the essential On Search series. This time dealing with the problems inherent in making search work in different languages,
  • Bit Rot – Data always outlives hardware. So just what lengths will people go to to get information from old systems? Probably about this far,
  • Misusing Irony – A personal pet hate: the misuse of the word “Ironic” (Via Derek),
  • Advanced RPS – Want to get better at Rock, Papers, Scissors? The professional guide is available,
  • IE 5.5 Band Pass and IE 5.0 Band Pass – After last months mid pass filter, Tantek brings two more filters to make applying styles to particular browsers easier. He never sleeps.

And that’s it for a few days.