November 28, 2003 | Category:

The Medallion

I didn’t go to see The Medallion with particularly high hopes. I expected some typical Jackie Chan action, with some buddy comedy moments provided by Lee Evans. Mindless, enjoyable entertainment.

I was wrong.

It’s an absolutely dreadful film, to the extent that it’s quite amusing. It’s rare that a film manages to be so poorly done, so horribly cheesey, that it gets back to the funny stage.

Plot “twists” and occurences frequently appear from nowhere: the little boy suddenly gains the ability to travel between dimensions at the end of the film (which would have been handy when kidnapped by the evil doers), a plane suddenly appearing at Lee Evans’ house, Lee Evans’ wife having a huge weapons cache (we presume that she is some sort of secret agent, but it is never stated or hinted at), the fact that Jackie seems to be both invincible and immortal despite only having half of the medallion (despite being told something to the contrary in the film). There’s a lot more.

Poor acting, poor plot, no characterisation. All in all a humourously bad film.