November 30, 2003 | Category:

Ewoks, Caching And Dilbert

The links are coming fairly fast these days, so I’m just going to dump them as soon as I have enough (rather than post them at the end of each week):

  • Endor Holocaust – Apparently, the destruction of the second Death Star would’ve wiped out Endor. Some people have far too much time,
  • Caching Web Pages – I’ve been meaning to implement this stuff for literally years, but my current (internal) caching system isn’t good enough. It’s on my to-do list though,
  • Accesskeys and reserved keystrokes – Thinking about making your site more accessible by adding accesskey attributes? The combinations to avoid are fairly comprehensive,
  • Polytope Tetris – Ever wondered what 3D Tetris would be like? This program is your chance to experience it; along with 4D, 5D, etc. Imaginary dimensions are fun,
  • An Introduction To Quantum Computing – In Quantum Mechanics, you’ve already had a good read of this,
  • Top 10 Internet Fads – I remember at least some of this. All bad, all the time,
  • Dilbert Hole – The rather sick reworked Dilbert comics. Very funny (via Derek).

Expect another batch within a few days (at this rate).