December 10, 2003 | Category:

Bugs, Swallows, And Planes

A reasonably large random link post today:

  • Towers Of Hanoi – The classic puzzle in dozens of different computer languages, including an OS designed to solve the puzzle,
  • Ocarina Of Time 2D – Someone is recreating the classic Zelda 64, in 2 dimensions. It looks quite nice, in a retro sort of way,
  • Blogshares is gone back – After the recent closing of Blogshares, the site is now back with new management. It’s a fun game, in the short term,
  • Atom Info Proposal – A proposal to make Atom readable in browsers (and by means of an extra tag and CSS. Why not just cut that down to using an XSL processing instruction? Makes sense to me,
  • Ideogram Maker – Decide what various ideograms mean. Via Kevan,
  • New IE bug – A very nasty Internet Explorer bug, making it a lot less safe to enter important details into that browser. Why does anyone still use it? It is garbage,
  • How Not To Blog – Starting a blog? Pay attention to most of these rules and you’ll be fine, possibly even interesting,
  • Find MIDIs – An excellent resource for finding MIDI files,
  • Free Flight – A very absorbing, 3d paper plane flying program. It’s in shockwave, and is very relaxing,
  • Airspeed Velocity Of An Unladen Swallow – Someone finally figured out the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow. Pythoners worldwide rejoice.

And I’m done.