June 14, 2004 | Category:

Begging For Music

Now, while file-sharing networks are good and all, I still like finding legitimate sources of music on the internet. While it usually takes a bit of digging (and occassionaly using Streambox to grab streamed audio), there’s some absolute gold out there.

Take, for example, the Beggars Banquet Records. By following the various artist and audio links, I was able to get some great stuff by amazing bands like Biffy Clyro.

Now, the Beggars site is ok and all but their American counterparts at Beggar’s Group, USA have a larger selection of artists and audio. Give it a good trawl. I recommend Biffy (again), Mull Historical Society, Mclusky and Super Furry Animals. With all the free stuff available, you’ll find something of interest.