November 17, 2004 | Category:

The Last Thing Music Needs

Let’s get this out of the way: I’m a total arsehole when it comes to music. Like most people, I have very strong musical opinions. I also have enough restraint to know that most people who read this site probably don’t give a shit about my taste in music and hence it rarely, if ever, gets a mention.

I was tempted recently to rip into Dizzee Rascal’s new single, “Dream”, which amounts to the original record with off-key and half-finished singing. I thought better of it, thinking it would be best to let it speak for itself.

Today, however, I say something being advertised that I couldn’t remain silent about. The Junior Eurovison Song Contest. I am at a total loss as to who thought this was a good idea. The Eurovision song contest is a painful joke, a cruelly perpetrated one at the expense of the Irish who think it’s a good thing to win, but I digress. What sick fuck decided to bring children into it? The humanity, oh, the humanity. I can already imagine the entrants from the backwaters of Europe in their red sequined shirts crying into their milk as they get nil points. Normally, that would amuse me somewhat but, given the setting, it’s just embarassing.

The last thing music needs.