December 26, 2004 | Category:

End Of Year 2004, Part One: Apathy

Apathy is a way of life now. How many times have you walked past the homeless, begging for change, with a shirk and slight fleeting shame? Far too many, I’d wager. Would it have killed you to give them a small amount? Probably not.

Apathy is becoming more apparent to me. At this time of year, of celebrations and over-indulgence, we either keep ignoring our fellow man or through them scraps of kindness to sate our own guilt.

You don’t even have to show respect for someone worse off than yourself, just help someone. Suggestions:

  • Give someone you see begging or selling the Big Issue the time of day and a small donation. Honestly, if you’re reading this you can probably spare a quid, can’t you?
  • Buy a CD you have downloaded. Anything at all you do not own, but have a copy of. You’ve probably got dozens to pick from. Buy at least one.
  • Someone in a shop give you particularly good service over the rather frantic festive period? Let them know. Write their company a letter applauding their efforts rather than letting it slide. You’ll guarantee yourself a similarly high level of service later and probably make someone smile.
  • Smile! Smile at a random stranger on a bus. You’re only burning calories but smiles are infectious little buggers.

I know that it is not likely anyone will do any of these things, but at least consider why you are not doing them or something similar. Why are you not looking out for everyone else? What does it say about you?