December 29, 2004 | Category:

End Of Year 2004, Part Two: Transmute

How have you improved the world this year? Consider for a moment your place in the world. You almost certainly consume resources, but do you give the same amount back? Are you apathetic to those around you?

Maybe. You don’t have to deal with other people to change the world, to improve it in some small way. However, if you’re not actively trying to make it better, it is likely that you are passively destroying it.

Again, think about how you contribute to communities and society as a whole. List five ways that you make the world a better place (and please, leave out narcissistic reasons, you are not inherently good). Just list five ways that we are better off for having you around. Can you honestly do it? Why not?

A whole new year is coming. Think about how you can resolve that situation. Figure out your talents and skills, decide on the little things that you can do to improve the world, and then do them. As a thought experiment, this is only a brief curio. Action is what is needed. Action.