January 01, 2005 | Category:

Changes 2005, Part One: Resolution

Good new year, everyone? Excellent. Another year, another chance. You’ll (hopefully) be seeing a few changes around Solitude over the next few weeks, which I’ll dicuss slightly in the next post or two.

Let’s begin the new year with that most laughable of traditions, the list of resolutions:

  • Keep my previous resolutions. Managed to keep half of last years.
  • To tangibly make the world a better place. As should be somewhat apparent from my previous posts on apathy and changing the world, I’m not completely happy with the amount I give back to the world. I will try to do more.
  • To release more software. There are several ideas waiting on my to-do list, some of which have been there for over a year. I will make time to start at least one of them.
  • Improvements to Solitude. The Solitude to-do list is huge in itself. Doing anything on the list would be a step forward.
  • Finish my degree. Really, really need to do this one.
  • Private resolutions. I have a few private resolutions too.

More on changes to Solitude in the next part.