January 10, 2005 | Category:

Two Years In

Yes, it’s that time of year when this fine site celebrates its birthday. Solitude started two years ago today, promising that a new version of VKPS (from whence Solitude came) would be dropping soon. We are all, I’m sure, still waiting (it’ll be a while yet).

Last year, promises were made about more on web design, an undisclosed project, more fiction and more toys. In true Solitude fashion, none were delivered.

This year I’ve very recently talked about my plans for the site’s future, so will not bother to reiterate those. The new sister site of Solitude has indefinitely slipped due to my home computer being incapacitated. I had originally intended (a month or so ago) that it would launch today, but circumstances outwith my control conspired against me.

Being more realistic than previous years, post content will remain somewhat light for the first half of the year while I finish this last crucial part of university life. It will hopefully pick up after then, with some interesting stuff along the way.

Hopefully, we’ll see you for another year.