January 14, 2005 | Category:

Pub Crawls, Part 4: Mystery Shape

The final pub crawl is one devised by myself and Derek in an entirely immature moment, and the route will be given below. If you want to see the childish humour at work, get a map of glasgow out and figure out the shape. It’s a comparatively mild route for drinking but takes in a fairly wide range of pub. Drink in each one. Pubs (and some of the intermediary route) are listed, but not complete. Visit as many as you can that you pass:

  • Solid Rock Cafe on Hope Street (easily accessed by either bus or train, being next to Central).
  • Sir John Moore.
  • A trip down Roberston St.
  • Casino on the Clyde (if you fancy a quick hand).
  • Along Clyde Street to Barfly.
  • Fat Boab’s.
  • Times Square.
  • Goose on Union Street (passing the Cathouse, if you wish to start elsewhere and end here).
  • Foquets.
  • Drum And Monkey
  • Edwards.
  • Revolution (“for the vodka connoisseur”).
  • Flares (the highest point, but it is a nightclub).
  • Rufus T. Firefly’s.
  • Otis B. Driftwood (no, it’s not cheating).
  • Candy Bar.
  • Cosmopol.
  • Solid Rock Cafe (closing the circuit).

Since the route is closed, you can start and end wherever you like. Depending on your clubbing whims, you may wish to end near Union street (handy for Sub Club and the Cathouse) or Sauchiehall Street (Garage, etc). Although, if you end at Solid Rock Cafe, you can dart along Union Street (taking in 2 more pubs) and get to Union Street in minutes.

I can’t personally verify the quality of all those bars but by the time you’re halfway round I’m sure it won’t matter.