February 09, 2005 | Category:

Games, Part 3: To Play

Yes, this series is moving on far slower than I said it would. I blame university. Anyway, today I’m going to link to a series of very different games.

  • Game And Watch Emulators – Several slices of classic twitch gaming. I thoroughly recommend Donkey Kong Jr., a game which gave me hours of pleasure as a child. Incidentally, I still have the originals of most of these. These are, unfortunately, Windows only executables.
  • Puzzle Bobble – Or Bust A Move if you prefer the non-European title. A flawless recreation of Taito’s fast moving, precision puzzler that spawned a dozen clones (Flash).
  • Grid Game – Pretty, simple, frustratingly addictive; all signs of a good puzzle game. On my first go, I managed a chain of 1407. I’ve yet to beat it and it’s annoying me enough to keep trying. Actually, I take that back: just as I was writing this post I managed 2364. Eat that, Derek.
  • Prince Of Persia: Special Edition – A new adventure in the vein of the original Prince Of Persia. Shame that it has a time limit. The controls are as shite as ever.

Enjoy. Next up: handhelds.