March 22, 2005 | Category:


While checking for information on bus timetables yesterday, Arriva (the main operator in my area) astounded me with some piss poor design.

The left hand-side of their page features a form that allows you to input a town and route number to find information on it. Great. Except that upon submitting the form it doesn’t just send your information to a page in which results will be returned, or redirect you to the appropriate information. Oh no, that would be far too simple.

Instead, it executes a javascript function using the long since deprecated javascript: protocol (you do have JS turned on for something as simple as this, right?), pops-up a small window which does nothing but cause a redirect in your original window and then closes, and then takes you to a results page. Javascript and pop-ups for a redirect? What? Don’t get me started on the crufty URLs either.