April 20, 2005 | Category:

Grid Computing Drinking Game

I propose the Grid Computing Drinking Game. The rules are relatively simple and can be played alone (in fact, it is highly unlikely anyone else will want to join in). The only prerequisites are that you need to be doing research or revision into Grid Computing, and you have a bottle of your favourite tipple handy. Rules are as follows:

  • Anytime “Ian Foster” or “Carl Kesselman” are mentioned, you take a drink. If they are mentioned together it’s a triple.
  • Anytime someone talks badly about Globus, gives you that look or knowing laugh, take a drink.
  • Anytime there is a hand-waving definition of a core concept, unfinished specifications or a problem that has no real solution, take a drink. Make it a stiff one.
  • Some horrible mish-mash of web services on steroids forced into a tutorial, taking up hundreds of lines of code where every other language since FORTRAN could have done it in one? You know what to do (and you’ll know the tutorial when you see it).
  • GWSDL, OGSA, OGSI? One for each letter in the acronyms.

Wow. This studying lark just got more fun.