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A Year In Music: May 2005

No entirely sure of what has been happening in music for the last month or so because my head has been in the books, but here are a few snippets regardless.

To complement their tour, Idlewild released the latest single from their new album. The track, “I Understand It”, is decent enough on its own but sits in a mire of mediocrity in the album. Unlike the B-Sides for the previous album (which were stunning), the cover, live track and bonus track on offer here are not worth getting. Shame they never included their cover of “I Wanna Be Sedated”.

Glasgow rockers Dead Fly Buchowski released their debut album through Beggar’s Banquet. Though I haven’t heard it, on the basis of the preceeding singles, it’s bound to be decent enough.

The Sparta/Mars Volta divide took an interesting twist this month. Both bands forming from the ashes of post-hardcore legends At The Drive-In after seminal album “Relationship Of Command”, it seems that Sparta guitarist has defected to the other side to replace the late Jeremy Ward. This means that the Mars Volta now have more members of the original band. We can only hope that someone sits Omar, Jim, Cedric and co down to convince them to patch things up and make the At The Drive-In revival dream a reality.

While I’m sure a lot more happened, that’s all I know.