July 14, 2005 | Category:

No Op

Apologies for the lack of noise being put out by Solitude. It has been an incredibly busy fortnight. Been doing stuff most every day and night for that time period and I’m now royally knackered. This was going to be a post of random stuff that I’d noticed or heard in that time period, but since I forgot most of the good, it’s a quick catch-up for the people I haven’t spoken to in a bit.

  • First of all, I started my graduate job last week. It’s pretty good and should prove to be a challenge, though things haven’t gotten into full swing. The hours certainly beat the amount of time spent in the lab last year.
  • Spent Friday night in Stirling for a birthday party. On my way back on Saturday, the weather was boiling hot so First Scotrail were kindly giving passengers free bottles of water. Nice. Noticed the platform was full of G8 protestors (dreadlocks, bongos, banners the works). They all seem quite pleased with the generosity of the railways. Someone, however, had a sense of humour. The bottles, you see, had a competition on them: “Win a 5-star holiday in… Gleneagles!”. Well played, Scotrail, well played.
  • Sin City is as good the second time around.
  • Pub quiz team names are getting ridiculously offensive; a trend I both encourage, admire and actively participate in.
  • Band practices without any singers tend to go horribly wrong.
  • If you’re lucky enough to have my mobile number and aren’t getting replies, it’s because I semi-broke my phone in an incident involving red bull, Biffy Clyro and a drunken friend. It should be sorted soon and the number will remain unchanged so don’t be put off. This is just a slight warning.

I’m off to London on Sunday for nearly a fortnight (courtesy of my employers) so updates may well be light again. I’ll try and post a bit over the next few days, but still a bit busy.

UPDATE: I’ve got a new phone with the same number. It’s just a temporary phone for the next few weeks. Because of some insane offers, I effectively got it for £10.