September 19, 2005 | Category:

Pirates And The Quiet

Yar, it be another Talk Like A Pirate Day (well it will be in 45 minutes). Which, of course, means a very minor redesign.

As the lack of posts around here lately probably show, I’ve been very busy for the last few months. It’s been ages since I’ve had both the time and energy to write something worthwhile. The last series (about my hometown) probably wasn’t worthwhile, and I wrote literally months ago for a posting drought like this. Oh well. After going to Edinburgh for most weekends in August (ah, the fringe), the usual bunch of September flatwarmings (spread over no less than 7 cities this year), and various other things during the week (my job being one of them), things seem to be quieting down.

If I say here that I’m going to release my first Greasemonkey script soon and that I’ll finally write up my fourth year project, then I may actually begin work on either. Or then again, it might be another quiet spell. We shall see.